12/22/16: Release of Love Over Power

1/19/17: Surrey Hills (England) is first to air the song "Cell Phone" with subsequent cut plays to follow.  WYCE adds Love Over Power to playlist.

2/17/17: House of Prog and Aural Moon Radio add Love Over Power to their playlists.

3/14/17: Friday Night Progressive add LOP to the FNP show. A cut from the album has been featured every three weeks since.

5/6/17: Progscape Radio and The Dividing Line Broadcast Network climb aboard. 

8/24/17: Friday Night Progressive nominated SL's Love Over Power for one of four Independant Progressive Awards. Win or lose, we're humbled even to be mentioned amongst the 21 fine bands and artists.

9/5/17: Traveling an uncharted journey always means not knowing the ultimate destination. This could be called either silly or adventure. That applied here. When we started on this band reclamation project years ago, there was really no structure, schedule, rhyme or reason for it. It more or less started as "hey... lets have some fun. We'll write some songs and see if any of the guys are interested in playing on it." On the song writing end, it was hit or miss at first with the emphasis on miss. Not that miss songs were bad. They just didn't seem to convey a focused direction. About halfway thru the writing process, Bart came to the table with a song called "Bread and Circus." After running this through the pre-production mill, it was apparent it contained the elements which had previously eluded. A pop tune with twists/turns which didn't distract from the good of the whole and bingo! Hate to use the word formula. But it was really this song which allowed applying some of the same concepts to a few of the misses and things started to sound like a band again. Consequently, that sped up the writing process a bit and we were able to see some light. Then upon release in Dec. 2016, some doors started opening we didn't have a clue were there. Not that this prompted SL 2 as we were already talking about that when finishing LOP. So all this just to say, we start recording installment #2 in October 2017. This should go far faster than first go-round as the journey's charted and all know the ultimate destination this time. Cheers!

3/22/18: Nice LOP review by Closet Concert Arena. You can find the review HERE 

4/9/18: Several new videos up on the SL youtube Channel

6/30/18: Way behind on updates! July, Bill Roelofs will be in to record drums on two new songs. We're also pleased to have SL alumni Tere Bertke here from FL, for bass tracks the end of July. So, it's coming. We would also like to thank Friday Night Progressive, WYCE, House of Prog, Aural Moon Radio, Progrock.com, Surrey Hills Radio, The Dividing Line Broadcast Network for their airplay support. Thanks to Keith Menne as well for his promotional efforts, work and persistence which really paid off this week. Love Over Power is now on the playlist of Morow Radio France. Then more as it comes!