Some blasts from the past and present...
McDonald's, Daytona Beach, FL 1979.
Outdoor concert, Lansing, MI 1978
Outdoor concert. Lansing, MI 1978
Bill Roelofs, outdoor concert. Lansing, MI 1978
Outdoor concert Lansing, MI 1978
Clearwater Beach, FL 1979. Brent, Tere, Bart
Bill Roelofs, Green Apple, Grand Rapids, MI 1979
Concert. Pantland Hotel, Grand Rapids, MI 1978
Concert. Pantland Hotel, Grand Rapids, MI 1978
Concert, GR Ford Fieldhouse, Grand Rapids, MI late 1979
Concert, Grand Valley Dome Allendale, MI with Montrose & Natural Gas
Bill, Bart and Keith, Maderia Beach, FL 1979
Billy (Bass) Alford, rehearsal 1977
Ric Sherwin, nondescript hotel in Granite City, IL  probably after a 12 hour drive
Dinner, Warren st. band house Grand Rapids, MI 1978
Brent, concert at GR Ford Fieldhouse, Grand Rapids, MI late 1979
Bill being goofy as usual!
Straight Light, Green Apple Grand Rapids, MI 1979
Gil Bristol, 714 S. Park band house, Kalamazoo, MI probably 1975
Bill Roelofs making his teeth rotten!
Party on the dunes, Grand Haven, MI 1976
Jeff Scarborough and Brent, Green Apple Grand Rapids, MI
Straight Light, Green Apple 1979
truck engine blown 10 hours ago. Two rear tires blown on rented Uhaul about 20 miles north of Macon, GA
Struttin' Club, Detroit, MI 1976
Tere Bertke, Renker st. studio, 1979
Brent, Danny J's Grand Rapids, MI 1978
Bill Roelofs, Gil Bristol, Bart Garratt, Brent McDonald studio 2015-16
Gil Bristol, McDonald Productions, 2016
Bart Garratt, studio 2016
Homstead, FL 1979
Bill and Bart, Homestead, FL 1979
Band shot during rehearsal, 1977
Bill Roelofs, McDonald Productions, 2015
Recording Love Over Power
Bob Bliss 1979
Willian Tell before
Willian Tell after
Bart rehearsal 1977
Concert, GR Ford Fieldhouse, 1979
Mike Duff found this in a closet. Squonk 33 years later looking none the worse for wear
Kayaking, Muskegon River 1977
From the video Cell Phone
Bart enjoying a cool drink pool side :)
Straight Light vs. Harbor Inn staff baseball game, 1977
Showed up late for gig with uniform still on!